Join us for a fun meetup about Culture, Personality and Communication

When: Sunday February 18 from 3 – 5 pm, with drinks afterwards,

Where: Surinamestraat 38 in The Hague.

Culture and personality differences can be stimulating and inspiring, but they can be extremely unpleasant when handled poorly. We will create a warm and safe environment for you to share your experiences, see them from both Eastern and Western points of view, gain insight into amusing but often painful intercultural miscommunication, and discuss how to adjust your style to make the best of awkward situations.

Some dilemmas: Think you perform well but your boss ignores you? Try to lead your team ahead while one colleague is foot-dragging? Have to meet deadlines while coping with difficult people? Different communication styles not only make stressful work situations even more stressful, but also affect career success.

Bring a personal example of miscommunication and we’ll look at it from different perpectives.

Register and pay 10 euro (for coffee, tea and drinks afterwards) through Ticketkantoor:
or our Eventbrite page:

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