Interested in how to effectively lead a diverse team? Join our Meetup on Wednesday June 20 at 19.00-21.00 in The Hague, hosted by Tao Yue and Ardi Bouwers.

How sensitive are you as a manager to cultural issues? Do you think you need any special skills to lead an international team in an effective way? Do you adjust your style according to your team’s composition? Are you open to different ways of interaction and decision making?

This workshop on intercultural leadership is chock-full of questions. Our starting point will be your own experiences. Some might be convinced it’s best not to put too much emphasis on culture, they prefer to manage from their gut feeling, that made them successful in the first place. Other may have the experience that opening up to other styles has made them more effective.

We will tackle questions such as:
• How do you give feedback?
• How important is hierarchy for you?
• What is your style when you try to convince people?
• Are you comfortable with a confrontational style in a disagreement?
• Trust issues.

Time: June 20, 19.00 – 21.00
Place: Cross Culture Club, Surinamestraat 38, The Hague.
Entrance fee: €10 (for coffee, tea and drinks afterwards).

To register, please visit the Cross Culture Club Meetup site
or book your ticket here.

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