Knowing the Netherlands
Knowing the Netherlands

Our three step program

Demystifying the Dutch

Knowing the Netherlands
This is our special program for newcomers in NL. British-Dutch journalist and podcaster Andy Clark and Dutch cross-cultural trainer and China expert Ardi Bouwers are teaming up to combine decades of media expertise and cultural understanding to offer newcomers a handy overview of Dutch culture in an hour or two. Interactive and fun workshops kick-start the cultural orientation and give an overview of the Dutch way of life in the same way miniature park Madurodam gives an overview of the country itself. Moving to a new country is a daunting experience. Piecing together the info needed to quickly get what’s going on is time consuming. People can misunderstand simple things and become disorientated and disillusioned.

Knowing the Netherlands shrinks down the complexities to give newcomers the oversight they need. Initial workshops are backed up by fun insights from other internationals about their experiences in the Netherlands in the English language podcast Here in Holland. And the Cross Culture Club offers meetups for internationals and Dutch people to further build bridges, friendships and understanding. Knowing what makes the Dutch tick makes it easier for internationals to feel at home in the Netherlands and when they feel at home they will be happier in their work and studies. Get off on the right foot and join communication experts Andy Clark and Ardi Bouwers and follow the three steps to demystifying the Dutch.

Step 1 – Knowing the Netherlands tailored-interactive workshop
Step 2 – Listen to and take part in the Here in Holland podcast – about life with the Dutch
Step 3 – Join the Cross Culture Club meetups – meet other internationals and Dutch people to have fun, build bridges and make friendships.

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