Have to meet deadlines and cope with difficult people at the same time? Think you perform well but your boss ignores you? Try to lead your team ahead while one oddball is foot-dragging?

Different ways of thinking and communicating not only make already stressful work situations even more stressful, but also affect career success. Culture and personality differences can be stimulating and inspiring if handled well, however, just as they can be extremely unpleasant when handled poorly.

Join us for a fun meetup about culture, personality, and communications. We will create a warm and safe environment for you to share your experiences, see them from both European and Asian points of view, gain insight into occasionally amusing but often painful intercultural miscommunication, and discuss how to adjust your style to make the best of awkward situations.

We are Ardi Bouwers and Tao Yue, both certified cross-cultural communication trainers with extensive hands-on experience in Europe and Asia, especially China.

Time:         December 10, 2017,  2.00-5.00 pm
Place:        Surinamestraat 38,  2585 GK The Hague

To register, please contact Ardi Bouwers at: ardi@chinacircle.nl.
Entrance fee: €10

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